VAT on buying or selling a boat


Boat sellers: Don’t let a mistake about VAT liability affect your business

If you are a boat builder or in the business of selling boats, knowing if VAT is chargeable is important and mistakes can be expensive. It’s important to know from the outset if VAT applies so that it doesn’t end up being an extra cost.

Boat buyers: Don’t pay VAT that’s not properly chargeable

If you pay VAT that’s not due you may not be able to claim it back from the seller so it’s important to check the position in advance to avoid an unnecessary extra cost.

Who can I turn to for advice?

Ann Humphrey is an experienced tax lawyer who has worked for City firms and set up her own practice in 1993. Ann was profiled in Legal Business magazine as a leading VAT practitioner, and also listed in UK Legal Experts 2012 as an expert in the field of VAT and indirect tax. Ann is a member of the VAT Practitioners Group which comprises the leading experts in the field of VAT.

“Ann has a formidable grasp of her subject and delivers her advice in a calm and business-like manner” Michael Leach, Consultant, Thrings LLP

Therefore, if you need a tax expert who knows VAT inside out Ann can certainly help you. To find out how Ann can help please get in touch by clicking the button below: