VAT and Boats eBook

VAT and Boats eBook

‘Buying or selling a boat and all at sea?’ is an eBook that has been produced to help boat owners and buyers understand the UK VAT rules applicable to buying and selling a boat.

The eBook published in June 2015 provides information such as:

  • when VAT applies
  • what is a ‘qualifying ship’
  • the advantages of zero-rating for a qualifying ship
  • guidance on how to calculate gross tonnage
  • a comprehensive list of frequently asked questions in this area

All proceeds from the eBook go to charity. To find out more or to purchase the eBook  please click here.


“Since I’ve been looking into having a boat built and living aboard – approx. 18 months now – this topic appears on just about every forum I’ve seen but with no definitive interpretation or advice. In my opinion, every boat builder should have a copy of this eBook.” – Phil Vaughan (19th August 2015)

“The VAT Guide you sent me is something which I’ve long looked forward to as, I know, have members of the DBA.” – Paul Goldsack, The Dutch Barge Association (DBA) (6th August 2015)

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VAT and Property

VAT and Property

The VAT rules applying to property and construction are complicated, and overlooking or misunderstanding their effect can be costly.

This book offers clear and practical guidance on the application of UK VAT to property transactions and is aimed at property businesses, property lawyers and tax professionals. To order this book please click here.

Publication date: February 2015
ISBN: 978 1904905 60 8

“I have always found Ann’s book very informative and easy to use. It should be a first port of call for dealing with any problem in this area. It is well written, clear and to the point”.

Adrian Shipwright, M Law LLP (7 February 2016)

“Solicitor Ann L Humphrey has produced excellent guidance for both advisers and lay clients on the vexed issue of where Value Added Tax (VAT) is applicable on property transactions.”

Phillip Taylor MBE (22 February 2015) (Read full Amazon review)

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Stamp Duty Land Tax: a practical guide for lawyers (2nd edition)

Stamp Duty Land Tax: a practical guide for lawyers (2nd edition)

This book takes a practical approach, looking at SDLT as it applies to particular transactions and dealing with issues which the property lawyer is likely to face.

The second edition includes guidance on the many changes that were made to the SDLT law and the SDLT process since the tax was introduced. It covers the changes to SDLT announced in the 2007 Budget and enacted in the Finance Act 2007.

From a review of the first edition in the Tax Journal:

“A must for all advisers, whether they are regular or only infrequent advisers on SDLT, and particularly so for property advisers without access to colleagues able and willing to advise on SDLT planning.”

Karen Stanley, a conveyancing executive at law firm Brabners Chaffe Street, says:

“Work bought me a copy of your 2nd edition (SDLT Handbook) several years ago, and it’s my bible”

Publication date: November 2007

ISBN: 978 1904905 24 0

The third edition of this book is due to be published in Autumn 2024.

Sample Chapter (547kb)