VAT and Boats eBook

VAT and Boats eBook

‘Buying or selling a boat and all at sea?’ is an eBook that has been produced to help boat owners and buyers understand the UK VAT rules applicable to buying and selling a boat.

The eBook published in June 2015 provides information such as:

  • when VAT applies
  • what is a ‘qualifying ship’
  • the advantages of zero-rating for a qualifying ship
  • guidance on how to calculate gross tonnage
  • a comprehensive list of frequently asked questions in this area

All proceeds from the eBook go to charity. To find out more or to purchase the eBook  please click here.


“Since I’ve been looking into having a boat built and living aboard – approx. 18 months now – this topic appears on just about every forum I’ve seen but with no definitive interpretation or advice. In my opinion, every boat builder should have a copy of this eBook.” – Phil Vaughan (19th August 2015)

“The VAT Guide you sent me is something which I’ve long looked forward to as, I know, have members of the DBA.” – Paul Goldsack, The Dutch Barge Association (DBA) (6th August 2015)

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