VAT and Property

VAT and Property

The VAT rules applying to property and construction are complicated, and overlooking or misunderstanding their effect can be costly.

This book offers clear and practical guidance on the application of UK VAT to property transactions and is aimed at property businesses, property lawyers and tax professionals. To order this book please click here.

Publication date: February 2015
ISBN: 978 1904905 60 8

“I have always found Ann’s book very informative and easy to use. It should be a first port of call for dealing with any problem in this area. It is well written, clear and to the point”.

Adrian Shipwright, M Law LLP (7 February 2016)

“Solicitor Ann L Humphrey has produced excellent guidance for both advisers and lay clients on the vexed issue of where Value Added Tax (VAT) is applicable on property transactions.”

Phillip Taylor MBE (22 February 2015) (Read full Amazon review)

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