Changing places

Instructor and student doing exercise

This blog has nothing to do with Christmas.  I don’t have a Christmas tree this year (first time ever) and so am not in festive mood.  If you are looking for Christmas cheer, look elsewhere.  Instead I am going to talk to you about VAT.

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Where the wild things are

Birds on marsh land

Until I was ten I wanted to be a vet.  My best friend Ingrid’s dad was one.  Ingrid and I used to peer through the window and watch him doing operations.  I remember finding a frog with a swollen leg on my way back from my music lesson and taking it to Ingrid’s dad for a diagnosis…

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A VAT and property teaser


Church building with a modern twist

My book on VAT and property, published on Friday 13 February, was, like all legal commentaries, out-of-date before it even saw the light of day.  Writing the book was like running after a bus that was always pulling away just as you arrived at the stop.  A series of tax groundhog moments, if you like.

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An inconvenient truth

Lady peeking through some blinds

‘I love deadlines. I love the whooshing noise they make as they go by.’ (Douglas Adams, ‘The Salmon of Doubt’)

In a moment of weakness I did a very stupid thing – I agreed to write a book on VAT and property transactions.

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