Sometimes I get very cross…

Cash in notes

The 2014 Budget announced proposals to allow HMRC to recover tax and tax credit debts directly from taxpayers’ bank and building society accounts, including ISAs and joint accounts, without the need to go to court like everyone else.

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Ahead of the curve?

Ronald Reagan statue

It’s the Budget next month and there’s been quite a lot of speculation that the Chancellor may reduce the top rate of income tax.  The 50% rate was introduced by the last Labour Chancellor from 6th April 2010 for those with incomes of over £150,000 a year.

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Saving a stamp



Any business that registered or should have registered for VAT after 31 March 2010 has had to submit its VAT Return online and pay electronically. The only exception (in new regulation 25A(4) Value Added Tax Regulations 1995) is for businesses run by those whose religious beliefs prevent them from using computers. So faith doesn’t just move mountains…

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