Cupid’s dart

Love heart sweets

‘There’s something that doesn’t make sense. Let’s go poke it with a stick’ (Doctor Who in ‘Amy’s Choice’)

I can’t believe over two months have passed since my last blog post and I’m still bogged down in the SDLT surcharge legislation in Schedule 4ZA FA 2003 …

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Farmer George

Ceramic duck outside house

The snappily-titled ‘higher rates of SDLT on purchases of additional residential properties where the consideration is over £40,000’ come in on 1 April and it seems that a lot of people are going to be caught by George’s little SDLT prank.

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Oggy, oggy, oggy


Cornish pasties advertised outside pub

There I was again last Wednesday lunchtime, listening to the Budget speech.  A bit of a groundhog moment, really, as nearly everything had been leaked to the press beforehand.  The Chancellor still delivered a few surprises though.

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