A load of bull

Lamborghini tractors

Did you know that Lamborghini made, and still make, tractors?

Well, yes, they did and yes, they do.

After World War II, when there was a high demand for agricultural machinery in much of Europe, Porsche made tractors, and even Ferrari dabbled…

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A sting in the ale

Cornish brewer Foodswild is facing a backdated excise duty bill after HMRC concluded that its Cornish Stingers nettle beer was not, in fact, a beer.

The stumbling block for this niche product, which is presumably more palatable than its name suggests, was the absence of malted barley or wheat in the brewing process.

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Château Thames Embankment

Bus selling Somerset Cider

Yes, I could have been a judge but I never had the Latin, never had the Latin for the judging, I just never had sufficient of it to get through the rigorous judging exams. They’re noted for their rigour. People come out saying, ‘My God, what a rigorous exam’- and so I became a miner instead. A coal miner. I managed to get through the mining exams – they’re not rigorous, they only ask one question, they say, ‘Who are you’, and I got 75 per cent on that.’ (Peter Cook in ‘Beyond the Fringe’)

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