VAT – Supply of serviced flats

D owned a company which had bought some flats around 20 years ago through an agent who has been renting them out since then.  This was D’s query:

‘It all started in August 2014 when the agent came to see me as he said he had been made aware for the first time that VAT was chargeable on the rents he had been charging on behalf of my company…

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Proposed BVI investment fund


Five unconnected individuals wanted to establish a private equity/venture capital fund (the ‘Fund’).  The Fund vehicle was  a limited partnership formed and tax resident in the British Virgin Islands (‘VC Fund LP’). The five individuals were to be the general partners in VC Fund LP.

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VAT – Exercise of a power of sale

Several queries have come up on this during 2014.  Getting it right can be tricky.  The principle is that where a business is carried on by a taxable person and goods forming part of that business are sold by a third party exercising a power of sale, those goods are deemed to be supplied by the taxable person in the course or furtherance of his business and VAT is chargeable (or not) on that basis.

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CGT – Entrepreneurs’ relief and compensation

In 2002 M who was suffering from ill health sold his interest in a thriving accountancy practice to the other two partners, C and P.  Entrepreneurs’ relief was available on the gain attributable to the goodwill at the time of disposal. In 2011, M discovered that C and P had deliberately used incorrect figures to calculate the value of the goodwill.

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Tax treatment of proposed lease changes

A building had been divided into four leasehold properties, two residential units (let to A and B respectively) and two commercial units (let to C and D Ltd). The freehold of the building was owned by NGM Ltd, a property management company. A, B and D Limited were also the directors and shareholders of NGM Ltd.

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