Monte Carlo or bust!


Hermes bag for 'Monte Carlo or bust!' blog post

‘Tax havens are places where senior executives of the world’s largest financial and industrial corporations mix with figures from the artistic or social “jet-set”, together with multimillionaires who combine business with pleasure. They all rub shoulders with somewhat dubious individuals…’

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Va, va, voom

McClaren road car

Looks like Jeremy is leaving Top Gear so it’s the end of an era for us petrolheads. As homage to the self-confessed dinosaur, sadly now on the verge of extinction, I’m devoting this blog to performance car-related tax matters.

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A VAT and property teaser


Church building with a modern twist

My book on VAT and property, published on Friday 13 February, was, like all legal commentaries, out-of-date before it even saw the light of day.  Writing the book was like running after a bus that was always pulling away just as you arrived at the stop.  A series of tax groundhog moments, if you like.

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Who ya gonna call?

Dusty old telephone

‘Taxman tries to spook children into paying up in the future with bizarre ‘pay your bills’ video depicting inspectors as ‘ghostbusters’’ (Daily Mail headline, 8 November 2014)

It’s not often that I find myself agreeing with the Daily Mail but, if what is being said in the press about this HMRC video is accurate, it certainly is bizarre.

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2014 – Pick ‘n’ mix

Pick n mix sweets

It’s been quite a while since I did a tax round-up at the end of the year. Well, to be truthful, the only time was in December 2011 but I wanted to do it again. I thought I would ask my fellow tax warriors for their highlight(s) of 2014 and add my own thoughts to what they said. So that is exactly what I did …

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An inconvenient truth

Lady peeking through some blinds

‘I love deadlines. I love the whooshing noise they make as they go by.’ (Douglas Adams, ‘The Salmon of Doubt’)

In a moment of weakness I did a very stupid thing – I agreed to write a book on VAT and property transactions.

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