Tax land, not labour – Dominic Frisby

General Tax, Income Tax

Today we try to bridge the gap between the mundane world of the real and the rather more attractive realms of the ideal. We look at how we are taxed – and at how we should be.

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Mind game or mind sport?

Income Tax, Value Added Tax

My friend Tracey loves bridge.  She wanted me to learn. Although I was brought up to think of card games as the work of the devil, what Tracey wants, Tracey gets, so over a frosty weekend in January this year I found myself at the Andrew Robson Bridge School …

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Monte Carlo or bust!

Capital Gains Tax, Income Tax

Hermes bag for 'Monte Carlo or bust!' blog post

‘Tax havens are places where senior executives of the world’s largest financial and industrial corporations mix with figures from the artistic or social “jet-set”, together with multimillionaires who combine business with pleasure. They all rub shoulders with somewhat dubious individuals…’

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Allez Wiggo

Business Tax, Income Tax

Bradley Wiggins in yellow at Tour de France

To celebrate Wiggo’s epic victory in this year’s Tour de France, this month’s blog is devoted to things tax and cycling related.

First, the ‘Cycle to Work’ scheme.

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Bright lights, black socks

Income Tax

Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum

‘Black socks, they never get dirty.

The longer you wear ’em, the stiffer they get.

Sometimes, I think of the laundry,

But something inside me says ‘Don’t send them yet.’’

(Children’s song)

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Talking turkey

Business Tax, Income Tax

Closeup of turkey

Am I becoming obsessed with poultry? Maybe. Two fowl blogs in three months. Well, this is how it happened.

My theatre buddy Gary is sick of hearing about Taxidermy.

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