SDLT – Transfer of equity and remortgage

Property Tax, Stamp Duty Land Tax

Mr A and Miss B, who were not married, wished to rearrange their financial affairs.  The main residence which they shared and which had been funded by Mr A, was valued at around £900,000. The existing mortgage was £800,000 and the couple were looking to move it to...

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VAT – Supply of serviced flats

Value Added Tax

D owned a company which had bought some flats around 20 years ago through an agent who has been renting them out since then.  This was D’s query:

‘It all started in August 2014 when the agent came to see me as he said he had been made aware for the first time that VAT was chargeable on the rents he had been charging on behalf of my company…

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Proposed BVI investment fund

Capital Gains Tax, Income Tax

Five unconnected individuals wanted to establish a private equity/venture capital fund (the ‘Fund’).  The Fund vehicle was  a limited partnership formed and tax resident in the British Virgin Islands (‘VC Fund LP’). The five individuals were to be the general partners in VC Fund LP.

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