Tax land, not labour – Dominic Frisby

General Tax, Income Tax

Today we try to bridge the gap between the mundane world of the real and the rather more attractive realms of the ideal. We look at how we are taxed – and at how we should be.

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Desperate measures

Stamp Duty Land Tax

I have been an insomniac for a while now.  A few of you have been kind enough to suggest remedies, such as reading HMRC’s 81-page summary of responses to the Making Tax Digital consultation and listening to whale music.

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Can we really make tax simpler? – David Halsey

General Tax, Tax Policy

Tax Simplification

When I applied for the job at the OTS a year ago now, one of the things I said to John Whiting at the interview (which didn’t seem to do any harm!) was that I’d been keenly interested in simplifying tax throughout my HMRC career.

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Why we need to simplify our tax code – Dominic Frisby

General Tax, Tax Policy

Back in August I took a show to the Edinburgh Festival all about tax.

Not perhaps the most fertile subject for comedy – HMRC’s cock-ups aside – but I’d concluded that the dearth of media about such an important subject needed to be put right.

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A question of morality

Business Tax, General Tax, Tax Avoidance, Tax Policy

Why do most people stop at a red traffic light?  Is it fear of punishment, self-preservation, because the law says you should (in other words, respect for the rules) or because society expects you to?

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Ask Ann

General Tax, Stamp Duty Land Tax, Value Added Tax

Ask Ann Tax Q&A

When I revamped my website I was persuaded that it would a good idea to invite the tax-confused to contact me with their questions.  There’s a lot of them out there.  No wonder, if you ask me.

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‘So long and thanks for all the fish’ (Douglas Adams)

General Tax

I studied the law of international and European institutions at University.  It was 1973 and the UK had just joined the European Community (as it then was).  I was a committed European and, after I graduated, I hot-footed it to Brussels for a six-month placement with the European Commission.

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Over the moon


‘’Pet’, the international sheeperstar and online sensation from Lochside Ullapool, has emphatically denied that her new found celebrity status will change her in any way.

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